A man who said he was ridiculed by friends and family for supporting Donald Trump had an impassioned message for the president and for Republicans. 

Speaking to Pete Hegseth this morning from the 3 Sons Diner in Warren, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Wil DeOrsey Jr. explained that he is a lifelong Republican who is troubled by what he's seeing in Washington, D.C.

Hegseth asked DeOrsey what he would tell President Trump amid a tumultuous week for the White House.

"Don't try to win over the people who don't support you. They're never gonna support you. There's nothing you can do to please them. Remember: the people who elected you are still strongly behind you. We have your back," he said, imploring the president to move forward with his campaign promises.

He said he knocked on doors in support of Trump, observed at polling places and was even kicked out of his barber shop over his Trump support in the usually-blue state. 

Trump surprisingly defeated Hillary Clinton in Michigan, becoming the first Republican to carry the state since George Bush in 1988.

DeOrsey also expressed frustration with Republicans in Congress, arguing they are not supporting the president as Democrats continue to focus attention on the Russia investigation.

"My God! Stand up and support our president! This is our party. You guys are silent. ... The Republican supporters voted for Donald Trump. You're obligated to support Donald Trump," he said. 

Watch more of the Michigan diners' thoughts above and let us know: do you agree?

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