Judge Jeanine Pirro warned this morning that the game has now changed in Washington, D.C., when it comes to the Trump-Russia investigation. 

Pirro reacted on "Fox & Friends" to the naming of a special counsel, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, to lead the investigation. 

She noted that the left has been trying to delegitimize the president since he was elected and that Trump must focus on doing what the American people elected him to do. 

Pirro said Trump should not continue making public statements about the investigation because it could cause legal problems. 

"He has got to understand he is in treacherous waters now. You're talking about every step as potentially being evidence to impeach him in some way," she explained. 

Pirro said the president has a right to be frustrated by the Russia investigation and the flood of reported allegations, calling it a "full-scale assault on the president and the institution of the presidency."

In talking to Americans for her weekly "Street Justice" segment, Pirro said she's noticing a lot of people "fixated" on anti-Trump stories concerning his ties to Russia.

"People are just repeating what they're hearing. It's like propaganda," she said, pointing out Time magazine's latest cover in which an artist blended the White House with the Kremlin. 

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