Emmy-winning journalist Bernie Goldberg discussed the faults of both President Trump and the left Friday, saying both must change their habits.

Goldberg commented on Sean Hannity's monologue last night in which Hannity encouraged Trump's base not to take the attacks of the left lying down and to push back on those trying to destroy Trump.

He said Hannity is right about a lot of things, including one cable channel which runs anti-Trump stories all day long. 

But he said Trump is also at fault.

"Donald Trump isn't Mother Teresa and he brings a lot of this heat on himself," Goldberg said on "America's Newsroom."

Goldberg agreed that the left is doing everything in its power to obstruct Trump. Even had the president nominated Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court, Democrats might have voted against it, he quipped.

He called on both sides to change their behavior. 

"To the Democrats: stop it. Stop the nonsense. Stop the obstruction. Stop the talk about impeachment," Goldberg said.

Meanwhile, the president should stop the "impulsive tweets," misstatements, and melodrama, he concluded.

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