Following President Donald Trump's most recent complaint about the press treating him unfairly, Whoopi Goldberg fired back.

During his commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy on Wednesday, Trump had claimed that no politician has ever been "treated worse or more unfairly" by the media.

Goldberg apparently disagrees with Trump's assessment, and she made it clear on "The View" on Thursday.

"I did want to point out - and there have been a couple who have been perhaps treated more unfairly or as unfairly. Let's talk about, I don't know, Barack Obama," Goldberg said to cheers and applause from the audience.

“And I make this point specifically about this man who for almost six years, seven years, insisted [Obama] wasn’t an American, didn’t have America’s best values in mind because he wasn’t born here, that he was a Muslim. All propagated by this guy," Goldberg continued. "I figure, you have been in less than — maybe what — 120 days? And you think it’s rough now? This guy went through it for eight years, and came out still a man I’m proud, whether you like what he did, I’m proud of him.”

On "The Five" tonight, Jesse Watters took issue with Goldberg's claim, pointing out that the mainstream media actually treated Obama like a "messiah" and a "rock star."

"They loved him," Kimberly Guilfoyle agreed. "He was their guy. If they could, they would put him back in for a third term."

Dana Perino said she thinks there's a distinction to make regarding Trump's claims about the media and Goldberg's claims about the unfair treatment of Obama.

"President Trump is saying no one has been treated worse by the media," Perino explained. "Whoopi is actually saying nobody has been treated worse, but she means by Republicans. The media didn't treat President Obama badly. I think she thinks that Republicans treated him badly."

Watch more reaction from "The Five" above.

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