While the president's attention was consumed with addressing recent controversies regarding Russia, Vice President Pence worked slightly out of the spotlight on national security and other issues.

As the White House struggles to shake its many controversies, Trump's reliance on Pence has deepened, Fox News correspondent James Rosen reported on "America's Newsroom."

Pence traveled to Asia last month to reassure anxious allies as North Korea grows ever bolder and more aggressive.

The vice president's message continues to be one of hope, as he expressed during an address to a group of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on Wednesday.

"Today I say with confidence: our future is bright, brighter than ever before," Pence said.

Sources say Pence's influence is especially strong with the president in the area of judicial nominations, Rosen told anchor Bill Hemmer.

Pence also registered a political action committee with the Federal Elections Committee in anticipation of the 2018 midterm elections.

There is little sign the vice president's loyalty will be shaken, Rosen reported, or that he is letting whispers of "President Pence" go to his head.

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