In his commentary this morning, Stuart Varney called on Republicans and the White House to get moving on agenda items that were promised. 

As we move into the summer, Varney noted that the only legislative accomplishment so far was the House's narrow passage of a bill to replace ObamaCare. 

He said the stock market reached new highs following Trump's victory, but investors are now becoming skeptical that tax cuts will be enacted this year. 

"The president has hurt himself, the Republicans are divided and the Democrats are having a field day, egged on by an elite media that treats our president with contempt," said Varney, explaining that the message from the markets is "get your act together."

He said 401k plans would benefit if Trump stopped his "impulsive" tweeting and the Republicans showed they know how to govern.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said this morning that tax reform will not get pushed back beyond this year. 

"I don’t think this is the case," Ryan said at a news conference. "Our goal, and I believe we can meet this goal, is calendared 2017 for tax reform. And I think we’re making good progress."

Steve Forbes said on FBN that the appointment of a special counsel in the Russia investigation is a "disaster" for Trump, but added that it could buy time for Republicans to pass tax cuts. 

Watch the "Varney & Co." clip above. 

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