Rock star Ted Nugent defended President Trump on "The Fox News Specialists" Thursday in the wake of several controversies that have cast a shadow on the White House during the past week.

Nugent slammed the press, saying a "whole army" of media are "out for blood" against Trump.

"It's an overall movement, and the movement of the media and academia and the left and the Democrats overall is just Saul Alinsky berserk," Nugent commented.

Trump is doing the right thing by using Twitter to communicate with the public, Nugent said, since he needs a way to circumvent the vicious "fake news" media.

The music legend praised Trump's loyal base, saying, "His base are the best people in the world. I know his base. I work with his base."

"His base is supporting a retaliatory strike by a guy who's abused by the industry, by the media, the academia, and government prior. I salute that," he concluded.

Watch the segment above and check out Nugent's appearance on "Fox & Friends" below.

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