On "The Story With Martha MacCallum" tonight, Pete Hoekstra, a former Republican congressman and a former Trump campaign adviser, agreed with President Donald Trump's claim that the media is on a "witch hunt" against him.

He praised Trump for standing up to the "fake news" media, and he thinks Republican lawmakers should learn from the president.

"We've got to fight the liberal media, we've got to fight the kind of fake news that came out on Monday from The Washington Post, we've got to be fighting for our agenda," Hoekstra said. "Because when we are talking about immigration reform, when we are talking about health care reform and when we are talking about tax reform, we are going to be winning on those issues."

He said the left is launching "personal attacks" on Trump because they want to distract from the actual issues.

"They see this as being the best way to detract from talking about the issues and talking about the individual, President Donald Trump," Hoekstra said.

He said the Washington Post report about Trump revealing highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador was an example of "such biased media."

He added that these ongoing leaks reveal that there are many "Edward Snowdens" in the FBI and intelligence community.

"These are the people that are doing damage to whether foreign governments will work with the United States," Hoekstra said. "Why? Because they're seeing America has people in their intelligence community who will leak the discussions that the president is having with foreign leaders."

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