Charles Krauthammer joined Tucker Carlson tonight to reveal the five pieces of advice he would give President Donald Trump to fix the turmoil that seems to have permeated the White House.

Krauthammer recommended that Trump take a page out of the playbook former President Bill Clinton used when he was embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

"He was able to keep a straight face, try to keep his nose to the business he wanted to carry out," Krauthammer said. "He just pretended as if this thing was on the side, it was a distraction. And he went back to work."

He said Trump needs to spend less effort, time and emotional energy on the various controversies facing his administration, and instead focus on implementing his agenda.

Here are Krauthammer's five tips for Trump:

1. Make an unimpeachable appointment for FBI director.
2. Stop tweeting.
3. Go on his scheduled nine-day, five-city foreign trip.
4. Use the trip to announce a huge shift in U.S. foreign policy, thereby changing the narrative about his administration.
5. Daily sessions with Dr. Krauthammer.

Tucker asked if Krauthammer believes Trump can follow these recommendations, or at least the first four.

"He doesn't easily compartmentalize. He doesn't have that almost kind of psychopathic ability to make distinctions, as Clinton did. I think he gets sort of into everything, and it takes him over," Krauthammer said. "So, I don't think he can. But that's why he needs to see me, probably for an hour a day for several years."

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