The appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel for the Trump-Russia probe is good news for Republicans, Judge Andrew Napolitano explained today. 

The Fox News senior judicial analyst pointed out that Republicans in Congress should be "very happy" because Mueller's presence will turn down the pressure in Washington. 

"The investigation will be conducted below the radar screen, not on national television, not in the halls of Congress, and hopefully not by information being leaked, leaked, leaked to the point where it's a flood," he said.

Napolitano, however, pointed out that Mueller has broad powers and the investigation can branch off in other directions. 

He recalled that special prosecutor Ken Starr began his probe in the 1990s looking into the Whitewater land deal involving the Clintons, but his investigation eventually centered around the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Napolitano said Mueller's investigation will include a grand jury with subpoena power, a federal judge who can issue search warrants and a large team of FBI agents.

"They're not going to request things like they did in the Hillary Clinton [email] investigation. They're gonna show up with search warrants and seize things," he noted.

Meantime, President Trump lashed out on Twitter Thursday morning over the "witch hunt."

Watch the full analysis above, including a funny story about the Fox News breaking news producers trying to track down Judge Napolitano when the Mueller news broke yesterday.

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