Tucker Carlson reacted to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Because a special counsel's wide purview in an investigation will extend any Congressional investigation timeline, Carlson said "somebody had better tell Maxine Waters that her [impeachment] dream has just died."

Waters has repeatedly called for President Trump to be impeached on several grounds.

Carlson said Mueller, a Vietnam vet and Bronze star recipient who led the Bush FBI, is "an adult" with nothing to prove.

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In that way, he said Mueller is unlikely to manufacture a crime if he does not find Trump committed one in order to make a name for himself.

He added that Democrats have called for a special counsel for months and "their farm team" in the media finally got their wish.

However, he noted Democrats like Nancy Pelosi of California are concerned over the choice of Mueller.

To those Democrats who accused Trump and his White House of being fascist, Carlson said, "Mussolini would never have appointed a special counsel."

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