Meghan McCain said today that the White House communications team has not helped President Trump and the result is a "mess."

She argued that an "A-team" in the White House communications department could have done a better job combating the flood of negative stories since last week's firing of FBI Director James Comey by the president.

"He needs to absolutely clean house. He needs better people prepping him, bettering people representing him," said McCain.

Sandra Smith countered that Trump seems to undermine his staff's statements on Twitter by giving a different message. McCain argued that an "A-team" might be able to "control" the president and stop that from happening. 

McCain added that Trump should have a "ride-or-die, tight trust" with his press secretary and doesn't appear to have that relationship with Sean Spicer. 

"I'm not even sure they're friends," she said. 

David Asman said someone in the White House needs to "take charge" and stop the constant leaks from inside the White House to the press.

The discussion was centered around the new report that FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo in which he accused Trump of asking him to shut down the investigation into Michael Flynn.

Watch the full "Outnumbered" discussion above.

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