Jonah Goldberg challenged Vice President Mike Pence to impose some discipline on his boss in the wake of a week of constant controversy for the White House.

"You're the one person the president cannot fire," wrote the senior editor at National Review in an open letter to Pence that appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

While President Trump is largely right in not playing by Washington's rules, "some of those rules were there for a good reason," the Fox News contributor said on "America's News HQ."

Goldberg criticized the administration's apparent disarray lately after the president suddenly fired FBI Director James Comey and put out conflicting stories explaining that decision, including from Pence.

Trump needs someone to impose discipline on messaging and White House staff, Goldberg said, and Pence is unwise to keep playing the role of the dutiful surrogate for President Trump.

"I don’t think you should resign, but threatening to do so if he does it again might — just might — help the president get his act together, which would be good for you, the party and the country," read Goldberg's letter.

Host Melissa Francis countered that Pence may be busy furthering the administration's agenda, working on health care or tax reform.

"None of that agenda can happen when you have one scandal, one controversy, one firestorm a week, a day, most of them created by the president himself," said Goldberg. 

Watch the discussion above. 

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