In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity said the five collective forces aligned against President Trump are "wetting their pants" over the James Comey memo.

Hannity said the media, establishment politicians and others are "directly threatened" by the prospect of Trump having a successful presidency.

"If the president succeeds, they fail," he said. "Their shock [at his win] has given way to anger and real bitterness."

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Hannity said the report that Trump gave classified information to the Russians was later debunked by American officials in the room.

But now, Hannity said, the "destroy-Trump alliance is wetting their pants over the Comey memo report."

Hannity said Comey is a "national embarrassment" and simply a "disgruntled ex-employee," meaning Trump should not worry about being impeached over the report.

Watch Hannity's remarks above.

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