Greg Gutfeld said that Democrats "defending Obama's errors" are now in a pro-impeachment hysteria over President Trump.

Gutfeld said Democrats' "exaggerations" of allegations against Trump are spreading like "impeachment-itis."

He pointed to several mainstream media commentators' reporting, as well as Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) who formally called for Trump's impeachment on the House floor.

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Gutfeld said no president has been hated by people in Washington more than Trump.

"After the election, the first word out of Hillary's mouth wasn't 'goodbye', it was 'resist'," he said. "Now they're all on board doing her job."

"The drooling defenders of Obama's errors now scream for Trump's head," he said.

He called the political commotion the "counter-revolution led by a frantic force that slept through the last nine years."

Watch Greg's full remarks above.

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