Rep Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) weighed in on the firestorm surrounding President Trump's dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey.

"Just because President Trump told the director of the FBI that he hopes that he can find a way to clear his national security adviser, that is not impeachable, in my opinion. It's not obstruction of justice. Until more actual facts come out on this, I give Trump the benefit of the doubt here. Totally," Hunter told host Melissa Francis on "America's News HQ."

"What would have to be in that memo for it to amount to obstruction?" Francis asked.

"President Trump would have to say, 'End the investigation or I’m going to fire you. I want you to end this investigation. I want a pledge that you'll end the investigation regardless of what you find.' That would be obstruction of justice," Hunter stated.

"I don't think Trump did that," he added. "From what I can see he said, 'I hope you can find a way to clear my national security adviser.' There's nothing wrong with that."

Hunter assured viewers that Congress is not working on solving the miscellaneous White House crises at all. "We're doing defense stuff ... We're working tax reform and healthcare."

The president is the subject of "plenty of investigating" already in both the House and Senate, Hunter concluded. 

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