Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie appeared on CNN on Tuesday to react to recent reports about President Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russia.

Higbie, a Trump supporter, said he remains skeptical about the reports because they cite unnamed sources.

"Tell you what, come out, name those people, then we'll have something to talk about," Higbie said. "They're hiding behind this anonymity."

CNN host Kate Bolduan immediately went after Higbie.

"Please! Please don't even start with me, that you're just going to attack sources," Bolduan said. "That is ridiculous!"

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Brian Kilmeade said anyone who's contradicting the mainstream media's narrative about Trump and Russia should be prepared for "huge blowback."

He pointed to the report about Trump revealing highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. He noted that the Obama administration had several similar incidences of classified intelligence being leaked, but those were largely ignored by the press, let alone criticized.

"For the most part, the media are simply against the president," Steve Doocy said.

Watch more from "Fox & Friends" above, and see Tucker Carlson react to the CNN segment below.

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