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A clumsy Canadian shoplifter "fell" a little short of pulling off the perfect crime.

Video from a Walmart store in Fergus, Ontario, shows a woman being chased by an employee as she attempt to make off with more than $650 worth of stolen items in a shopping cart.

She rushes out the door with the cart and then stumbles and falls on her face as the cart hits a parking curb and topples over.

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The store worker chasing the shoplifter briefly confronted her before she ran off empty-handed.

The incident was reportedly sparked when staff at the store recognized the woman from another theft, days earlier.

In both cases, the woman was aided by unidentified suspects and is believed to be part of a shoplifting gang. Authorities say her accomplices are two men and three women.

The Ontario Provincial Police tweeted a surveillance video of the shoplifting fail:

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