"Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer said the Clintons are starting a brand new political action committee in the wake of Hillary Clinton's election loss.

Schweizer said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that the Clintons feel they must always be relevant in the Democratic Party and that their political allies need "a place to hang their hat."

"If they can't be king, they want to be kingmakers," he said.

Schweizer said the organization will be a 501c4 group that can take unlimited donations from people whose identities do not have to be disclosed.

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Carlson called it a "sad version of the Grateful Dead."

Schweizer said the Clinton Global Initiative is defunct and that the Clinton Foundation is hurting badly because the Clintons no longer hold formal political power.

Schweizer said 2017 is the first year Clintons have not been in the political arena since 1992.

"There's not a lot of reason for people to give them money," he said.

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