Meghan McCain called for all sides to stop politicizing the issue of whether President Donald Trump revealed classified intelligence to Russian officials at the White House last week. 

She was responding on "Outnumbered" to the White House's defense of President Trump following a Washington Post report that the president disclosed classified intelligence to Russian officials.

Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard pointed out that the denials from White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster were less categorical today compared to yesterday. 

McMaster, who was in the meeting, said the conversations were "wholly appropriate," adding the "premise" of the Post story is false.

McCain said she trusts McMaster "implicitly" and questioned whether it's appropriate for him to be in front of reporters "doing the Sean Spicer dance."

"The president needs to answer for whether he did anything or not," she said.

McCain then lamented the instant "politicization" of the story, calling it "exhausting" no matter who does it. 

"I don' trust anyone. I don't trust the White House, I don't trust the Washington Post, I don't trust a lot of the pundits from all different sides who just want their political agenda," she said.

McCain said people need to remember the "root" of the issue between the U.S. and Russia: the Syrian war and the atrocities of the Kremlin-backed Assad regime. 

"We are talking about chemically-gassed Syrian children. That is what is at the root of all this. ... I just want to know what the truth is," she said, adding that it's "absurd" for President Trump to talk about working with Russia against ISIS. 

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