Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard said the White House has shifted its story on whether President Trump shared classified intelligence with Russian officials. 

White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster held a press conference moments before to again address a bombshell Washington Post report that Trump disclosed sensitive information to Russian officials.

McMaster said the "premise" of the report was false and what Trump discussed in the meeting was "wholly appropriate."

McMaster said he was in the room when the meeting took place and no one present felt the conversation was inappropriate.

Hayes said on "Outnumbered" that the statements were not the same as what McMaster said Monday after the report broke. 

"There was a shift, to be sure," said Hayes, noting that McMaster called the story "false" yesterday, but said the "premise" of the story is false today. 

"He shifted. ... He went on to confirm a series of the details that were in the article," Hayes added.

Hayes and Meghan McCain noted that McMaster said intelligence sources and methods were not "discussed" in the meeting. When he was asked whether classified information was shared, McMaster simply said he would not discuss what is or is not classified.

McCain called for all sides to stop politicizing the story.

"I don' trust anyone. I don't trust the White House, I don't trust the Washington Post, I don't trust a lot of the pundits from all different sides who just want their political agenda. ... I just want to know what the truth is," she said.

McCain said she trusts McMaster and questioned whether it's appropriate for him to be in front of reporters "doing the Sean Spicer dance."

"The president needs to answer for whether he did anything or not," she said.

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