Tucker Carlson debated New York City Councilman Corey Johnson (D-Hell's Kitchen) over a bill he introduced that appears to be aimed at forcing President Trump to release his taxes.

Johnson's bill would force all city concession contractors to release their tax returns - but only if their name is on their property.

Trump developed the Ferry Point golf links on city land near Throgs Neck, Bronx, and "Trump" is both in the property's name and conspicuously featured in shrubbery facing Interstate 678.

Carlson told Johnson that his bill is obviously aimed at Trump, adding that it is unethical in American law to direct legislation at an individual.

"This is about getting... accountability," Johnson said, adding that if it was directed only at Trump, "I'm sure our litigious president will litigate it."

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Carlson said New York has bigger problems than Trump's tax returns, pointing to the city's decriminalization of public urination and abundance of potholes.

He noted that Manhattan's Penn Station has been deteriorating for years, asking if Johnson cared to do anything productive for the transit hub rather than focus on the president.

When Johnson said Penn Station was in his jurisdiction, Carlson remarked, "Penn Station is in your district and you're worried about Trump's tax returns?"

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