Conservative writer Erick Erickson said he knows one of the sources of leaked information that has been damaging to President Trump.

Erickson said this person is a Trump supporter who is frustrated with the president for not taking prudent advice from his colleagues.

"[This is] not intentional sabotage," Erickson said of recent leaks. "People inside the White House are trying to get Trump's attention."

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Erickson said that Trump was intentionally elected as an outsider, and that many think he should therefore be given "breaks" that regular politicians do not get.

But, he said Trump would be wise to "stay off Twitter" and listen closer to those who have been in politics and know how Washington operates.

Regarding leaked reports of Trump allegedly asking former FBI Director James Comey to disregard any probe of Gen. Michael Flynn, Erickson said it sounds like Trump is "sticking up for a friend" and not trying to obstruct justice.

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