Former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer said he is confident President Trump will usher tax reform through, calling the president's routine critics "squirrels on crack."

Neil Cavuto asked Laffer if he thought the recent Washington Post report that Trump disclosed classified information to the Russians would damage Trump's agenda.

Laffer said the report would not be a "big deal" when it comes to affecting Trump's top agenda items like tax reform and health care.

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"People need to take a brown paper bag and cool off," he said of Trump's insistent critics. "These people are like squirrels on crack."

Laffer said that non-stop criticism of Trump is a product of Democrats "not... realizing the election is over."

"When they see him, they break out in hives," he said. "It's like a pigeon seeing an owl."

What do you think? Watch the clip above and check out Meghan McCain's take HERE.

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