Charles Krauthammer said the lack of Republicans defending President Trump from the latest damaging news report about his administration is "stunning."

The New York Times reported that former FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo saying Trump asked him to discontinue his bureau's investigation into Gen. Michael Flynn.

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Krauthammer said it was "stunning" that no Republicans - "not even from the White House" - have defended Trump following this report.

He said such a phenomenon could happen because Trump's defenders in the past two critical news stories have been contradicted by the president in some way.

"They've just watched... people who went out on a limb...and had the limb sawed off by Donald Trump himself without a flinch," Krauthammer said.

"Who is going to step out now in these denials that can very well be true when you've seen what happened to two other cases?" Krauthammer asked.

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