Kevin Zeese, who co-chairs a group that frequently protests President Trump's administration, said his demonstrations are aimed to make politicians hear the people.

Carlson reported that Zeese's group, Popular Resistance, has called for massive civil disobedience and to make the nation ungovernable until Trump and government actors they don't like leave office.

Zeese took the most issue with new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (R) who aims to roll back net neutrality rules.

He said his group protested outside Pai's residence in Maryland.

Carlson said he was trying to intimidate Pai, but Zeese said he just wanted Pai to hear them.

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"He does not listen to the people," Zeese said. "[We] intentionally made no threats."

Zeese said civil disobedience is effective but said displays of violence against conservative opponents is not effective.

Carlson pressed him to say whether he thought they were moral and appropriate but Zeese would only say he would prefer "different tactics."

Zeese freely gave his own North Baltimore address, saying he would just ignore any protesters.

"[You'd be] targeting the wrong person. I'm not a public official," he said.

Watch the full debate above.

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