Republican strategist and GOPAC chairman David Avella said top Democrats' plan to obstruct the confirmation vote for FBI Director James Comey's replacement will backfire.

On "The Fox News Specialists," Eboni Williams pointed out how Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-Virginia) are floating such a plan.

Until a special prosecutor is named to further probe President Trump's alleged ties to Russia, the two said they will not entertain Comey successors.

"A lot of Democrats feel that way," Schumer said. "But I would support that move."

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"If we're going to start [with] special prosecutors, there's plenty of things that we can start prosecuting," Avella said. "We could have a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton."

Avella said Schumer is engaging in "partisan pouting" over his party's losses in 2016 and refuses to work on behalf of his constituents.

Eric Bolling said that Schumer's and Warner's warnings are moot because former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) instituted the nuclear option.

Now, Comey's replacement only requires 51 votes in a caucus of 52 Republicans.

"You can thank your friend Harry Reid," Bolling said to Schumer, calling the nuclear option the "Harry Reid Option."

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