The school board in South Burlington, Vermont, voted unanimously earlier this year to drop the "Rebels" nickname from the school's sports teams.

Supporters of the name change argue that the nickname is associated with the Confederacy, which makes some students feel unsafe.

But some students, alumni and parents say the name change is unnecessary and if the school board wants to change it, it should be put to a public vote.

The school board declined during its meeting last week to allow voters to make that decision, saying they voted based on the best interest of the student body.

"The rebel name to me means pride. It had nothing to do with the Confederacy," Stacey Savage, an alumnae, whose kids have also gone through the school system, said after the meeting.

She's part of a group that opposes the name change and, she revealed they may seek legal action.

In the meantime, a committee comprised of 900 South Burlington students is weighing in on a new nickname. The 12 semifinalists are Avalanche, Blizzard, Blue Lightning (or Bolts for short), Gray Wolves, Huskies, Pride (Pack of Lions), Storm, Thunder, Timber Wolves, Wildcats, Wolf Pack and Wolves.

The next poll is slated for May 16, and a final vote is scheduled for two days later.  The school board is expected to hear the final results June 7.

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