In the year since Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV was killed in Iraq, his mother published a book honoring his memory.

In "Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile," Krista Keating-Joseph tells the story of a young kid who keeps working hard until he is able to reach his goal of running the mile.

Keating-Joseph said on "Fox & Friends" that every book sold is a small testament to Charlie's memory.

"He was a little kid with a big heart," she said.

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She said that like Charlie in the book, her late son was a small-statured boy who never gave up until he reached his goals.

She said that Charlie was stationed in Iraq twice before he was killed in May 2016.

"After all the grief goes away, you learn how to cope with it," she said.

Keating-Joseph said the only hint the reader gets that the real Charlie gave his life for his country is the notation in her biography that she is a Gold Star mother.

She said she wrote the book that way so parents do not have to explain that type of hardship to their children.

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