Bill Hemmer said any possible leaks from the Trump administration regarding the controversial firing of FBI Director Jim Comey will be the key to whether the president acted appropriately.

Hemmer recalled how Trump told Lester Holt that he was going to fire Comey whether or not the director was investigating alleged ties between the former businessman and Russia.

"Sloppy reporting will not be rewarded on this story," Hemmer added, pointing to a New York Times story that reported the FBI was in need of more resources for the Russia probe when Comey was terminated.

Several media outlets ran with the report, which was later all but debunked by Acting Director Andrew McCabe in Congressional testimony.

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"So much for that," Hemmer said. "Keep your eye on the leaks. [They will be] the breadcrumbs that either lead us somewhere or lead us to dead ends."

He pointed to a Wall Street Journal column that said firing the head of the federal government's investigatory body is a "lousy way" to cover up anything.

"Trump has plenty of haters," Hemmer said, adding that such critics will more than likely release any evidence that could damage Trump's presidency.

"Follow the facts and watch the leaks," Hemmer said.

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