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Veteran CBS journalist Bob Schieffer slammed President Trump's handling of former FBI Director James Comey's firing, saying the "conspiracy theories" it raised reminded him of those in the wake of the Kennedy assassination.

Schieffer told "CBS This Morning" that the firing had "many parallels" to President Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal, but added it reminded him of the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination as well.

"I was there, as you know. I have always felt that if Lee Harvey Oswald had been put on trial, a lot of these conspiracy theories that are still circulating today would have been put at rest then," Schieffer said.

The former "Face The Nation" anchor said Trump has to do a better job of explaining himself regarding Comey, remarking that tweeting about fake news does not cut it.

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Schieffer said the events of the past week are "like something out of a 'Godfather' movie" and are not grounded in the Constitution."

He criticized Trump for allegedly demanding loyalty from Comey, saying it bordered on obstruction of justice and was "totally improper."

Schieffer also took aim and the president's press staffers, saying that Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sean Spicer "can't get their story straight."

"[This is] the original amateur hour," Schieffer said.

On "The Five," Jesse Watters said that if members of the media continues to speak like Schieffer, the public's trust in their analysis and polling will decline.

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