Laura Ingraham said President Trump's remark about possibly curtailing daily press briefings is the latest volley in his cat-and-mouse game with the media.

Ingraham, a conservative radio host and founder of "LifeZette," added that eliminating daily press briefings and replacing them with sporadic presidential pressers would be a dream come true for the media.

"It's part of this cat-and-mouse game. This is what he does with people," she said.

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Ingraham said the remark, made to Judge Jeanine Pirro ahead of her interview with the president on Saturday, should put the media on their heels.

"Americans [will] say 'that sounds like a great idea!'," she said.

She added that the press should be "celebrating" such a move - if it were to happen - because of the high ratings the major networks received when covering then-candidate Trump's public remarks.

"Getting Trump out there every two weeks would be a dream [for them]," she said.

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