On "Fox & Friends" today, we heard the story of a mother who went well beyond modern medicine to help put her young son's painful condition into remission.

Susannah Meadows lays out the details of her son's case, and others, in her book, "The Other Side of Impossible." She told Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean, who lives with multiple-sclerosis, how her son was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis at age three. 

The condition causes painful swelling in the joints and can lead to disability. The medication he was prescribed did little to help the arthritis and made him feel sick.

"As I watched him lie on the couch, I could not accept that that was going to be his life," she said.

Meadows then pursued a non-traditional course of treatment, approved by her son's doctor. The idea came from another mother who said her son's arthritis improved with doses of probiotics and fish oil and by removing gluten and dairy from his diet.

Meadows said her son, now 9, is totally healthy and does not need medication anymore.

Watch the interview above and learn more about the book, here.

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