Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ) faced constituents Wednesday night, many of them furious over the House's passage of an ObamaCare replacement bill. 

One man, a health care industry employee named Geoff Ginter, was particularly intense, pointing at MacArthur and calling him the "single greatest threat" to his family.

The man said his wife beat cancer, but they worry that it could return and that their two children both have pre-existing medical conditions. He expressed concern that under the American Health Care Act, they could lose coverage.

He said:

My wife was diagnosed with cancer when she was 40 years old. She beat it, but every day—every day—she lives with it. She thinks about it. Every pain, every new something going on somewhere, is it coming back? Is this cancer? Do I have it again? Is it gonna kill me this time? Is it gonna take me away from my children? Speaking of which: my children. Both have pre-existing conditions from birth. One cardiac, one thyroid. You have been the single greatest threat to my family in the entire world. You are the reason I stay up at night. You are the reason that I cannot sleep. What happens if I lose my job?

MacArthur leads the Tuesday Group, a collection of moderate House Republicans who hammered out a deal with the conservative Freedom Caucus on a bill that narrowly passed the House last week. 

MacArthur has emphasized recently that he deeply understands the health care issues, having lost his mother to cancer when he was four years old and his daughter, who died when she was 11.

During the five-hour forum, as attendees shouted "shame" and "liar" at him, MacArthur defended the AHCA, arguing it is a badly-needed replacement for ObamaCare. 

He said the current system must be fixed, since the ballooning cost of health care "will swallow us all alive."

Watch the clip above and the reaction on "Outnumbered."

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