On "The Fox News Specialists" tonight, Eric Bolling said it might be time to bring the months-long investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia to a close.

"For ten months, they've investigated, they've dug, they've subpoenaed, and they've found exactly zero, an air ball on it," Bolling said.

He argued that our lawmakers and intelligence professionals should be focusing on more serious problems facing our country, such as Iran and North Korea developing their nuclear programs and ISIS wreaking havoc in the Middle East.

"Where do you stop?" Bolling said. "At what point do you say, 'Alright, we're ten months in and millions of dollars spent.' ... Isn't there a certain point you go, 'We didn't find anything.'"

Eboni Williams, a former defense attorney, pointed out that federal investigations can sometimes stretch on for years.

"I'm looking to see ultimately where this ball lands," Williams said. "I'm with you right now. Ten months in, we don't have much."

She pointed out that she had one client who was under investigation for five years and was eventually indicted.

"Now, I'm not saying that's going to be the case here with Trump," Williams said. "But sometimes they take their time to get it right."

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