In his opening monologue tonight, Sean Hannity said "tin foil hat conspiracy liberals" and the "destroy Trump media" are completely unhinged after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Hannity pointed out that Trump already explained exactly why he fired Comey: "He wasn't doing a good job."

"That is a simple, basic, fundamental truth that liberals refuse to face," Hannity said. "James Comey was shown the door. He did not do his job."

He pointed out that it wasn't that long ago that Democrats were calling for Comey's resignation due to his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

He said now that Trump has fired Comey, however, Democrats are suffering from a case of "selective amnesia" and feigning moral outrage.

Hannity added that the liberal media is willing to do and say anything to get Trump out of office, and they are proving it with how they're suggesting that Comey's firing is somehow related to the fact that he was leading the investigation into the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia.

"They have been lying - lying! - for months to the American people about this Trump-Russia, fake news talking point," Hannity said. "And they're continuing it even still. There is zero evidence so far that Donald Trump, his campaign, his transition ever colluded with the Russians."

He said the media must know that the Trump-Russia story is all a "bizarre conspiracy theory," but they simply won't tell the American people the truth.

"There is no getting through to these tin foil hat conspiracy liberals. On the left, they're detached from reality. They're oblivious to truth today," Hannity said. "It's time to diagnose them with what it is: Trump derangement syndrome. And sadly, there's not a cure."

Watch Hannity's full monologue above.

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