Several top Democrats have strongly criticized President Trump for firing FBI Director James Comey, likening it to Watergate and calling for a special prosecutor to take over the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the presidential election.

Bill Bennett said on "The Story" tonight this reminds him of the story of "Chicken Little."

"'The sky is falling.' This is what the Democrats are telling us," Bennett said. "Remember in the story, an acorn fell and Chicken Little and then the rest of them thought the sky was falling. Well, this isn't an acorn. It's bigger than a acorn. But it's certainly not the sky."

He explained that as president, Trump has the right to fire his FBI director, just like former President Bill Clinton fired his FBI director.

Bennett noted that some Democrats have found the timing of Comey's firing suspicious, as he had reportedly asked the Justice Department for more resources for his Trump-Russia investigation just days before his firing.

He argued that Democrats would have had the same reaction no matter when Trump fired Comey.

"In terms of the political reaction, it wouldn't have made any difference," Bennett said. "About the only time he could have done it without, I think, an enormous reaction would have been the day after he was sworn in."

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