The Mexican government joined a sampling of local Texas officials in slamming the state's new ban on sanctuary cities signed by Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

On Sunday, Abbott signed a bill allowing police to question any suspect's immigration status, requires local officials to cooperate with ICE and fines municipalities up to $25,000 per day for noncompliance with the law.

Mexico's government was quick to respond, telling the Associated Press that Abbott "criminalized" immigration and "foments racial[ly] discriminatory acts."

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Some municipalities in the Lone Star State agreed with the Mexican foreign ministry, with San Antonio Police Chief William McManus also criticizing Abbott's action.

McManus said the law discriminates on the basis of skin color or language.

"That leads to profiling," he said. "There is nothing positive this bill does in the community."

Late Monday, the League of United Latin American Citizens filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Texas village of El Cenizo, near Laredo.

The organization's attorney, Luis Vera, said the town has had a "safe haven" ordinance -which directly conflicts with the new law- since 1999.

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