Liberal activist groups are planning to stage mock funerals and may even have ashes sent to GOP lawmakers as part of the response to the passage of the American Health Care Act. 

Activists gathered in March in Brooklyn, New York, where they staged a symbolic “die-in” in opposition to ObamaCare repeal efforts.

Those same tactics are planned this time around, as House lawmakers return home soon after passing the ObamaCare replacement bill. The legislation is now being taken up by the Senate. 

The activist group Indivisible is planning to hold "die-ins" at the offices of Republicans lawmakers supporting the bill, Politico reported.

Separately, an American University student has made headlines with a website called "Mail Me to the GOP." On the site, people can sign a form to have their ashes sent to a Republican member of Congress if they die as a result of the new health care bill.

Zoey Jordan Salsbury said the website keeps crashing as hundreds sign up and explain in their submissions why a lack of health insurance could be fatal for them. 

After the bill was passed last week, many Democrats - including Sen. Elizabeth Warren - warned that the bill would kill Americans who lose health insurance.

"[The bill] will devastate Americans' healthcare. Families will go bankrupt. People will die," she wrote.

Watch David Bossie's reaction above.

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