Joe DiGenova, the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, said FBI Director James Comey deserved to be terminated.

DiGenova said Comey was "out of control" and "so self-centered and full of himself" in the way he conducted his duties.

Last week, DiGenova told Tucker Carlson that Comey is "a danger to the country."

He said Tuesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, Comey "acted like he was the attorney general" by publicly speaking on the matter.

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"From here on in, he was unable to lead the FBI," DiGenova said. "Everybody in the department knew it."

DiGenova said Comey interjected himself into the Clinton probe for selfish reasons, seeking to make a name for himself.

"If he were smart... he would disappear for a while," DiGenova said.

He added that Comey's firing will "enthrall" Democrats, adding fuel to the fire of allegations of collusion between President Trump and Russia.

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