Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said now-former FBI Director James Comey would have been fired by a 'President Hillary Clinton.'

Huckabee Sanders said Comey "lost the confidence of the rank and file within the FBI" as well as that of both sides of the political aisle.

She said that Clinton would have fired Comey just as swiftly as President Trump has.

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"Democrats would have been dancing in the streets" if Clinton fired Comey, despite the fact they are criticizing Trump for doing so, Huckabee Sanders said.

Huckabee Sanders said Comey's ability to lead the FBI was questioned daily by many in government and the public as well.

She said Trump was presented with a "clear and direct" recommendation from Comey's boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein regarding his firing.

"The president made [a] swift and decisive action," she said.

Watch the full discussion above, and check out senior Press Secretary Sean Spicer's appearance on "Lou Dobbs Tonight" below:

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