Charles Krauthammer criticized former President Obama for "condescending" remarks he made at a speech commemorating former President John F. Kennedy.

Krauthammer said it was "nice to be reminded as a nation why he's gone" after 100 days of virtual silence.

Obama slammed Republicans - but not by name - saying that it does not take courage to help those who are wealthy or powerful, but that it does take courage to help sick people.

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Krauthammer slammed Obama's veiled remarks about the Republicans' ObamaCare replacement bill, calling the speech "complete moral condescension."

He said it was wrong for Obama to "[say] the other guys are cowards" and that he is the only one who stands up for the sick and underprivileged.

Krauthammer said Obama therefore supported his party "committing political suicide" to support ObamaCare's one-sided passage.

"To pretend you are the one advocating [in a courageous way] is complete nonsense," he said. "He reminded me it's been 100 days, but good riddance, Mr. President."

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Watch a clip from Obama's speech below: