New York state's attorney general said the state will sue the federal government if the American Health Care Act is signed into law.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D-N.Y.) told CNN that "in its present form," the bill is unconstitutional.

Schneiderman said that the American Health Care Act contains an "unconstitutional attack on women's rights to reproductive services, including abortion."

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He called it an "effort to kill-off Planned Parenthood," and said House Republicans wrote it in a "tricky way" as to do so.

He added that certain New York Republicans added provisions to the law that he said unconstitutionally limit the burden that counties outside New York City have on Medicaid payments.

"[Republicans could] save a lot of time and trouble and not pass the bill," Scheiderman said.

Schneiderman added that Democrats drafted a bill in Albany that would require politicians running in the state - including Trump - to release their tax returns in order to be eligible to run for office.

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