Brexit leader Nigel Farage said right-wing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen will win that country's next election in 2022.

He correctly projected that the center-left candidate, Emmanuel Macron, would win Sunday's election, but that Le Pen would likely have a strong showing and garner 40 percent of the vote.

Farage criticized President Obama for cutting a video ad for Macron, who is seen as a globalist figure similar to the former president.

Obama said Macron "appeals to people's hopes, and not their fears," offering a subtle shot at Le Pen, who has drawn parallels to President Trump.

"En marche. Vive la France," he said.

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"Globalists will stick together," Farage said, adding that the movement toward national democracy in the West is strengthening.

Farage said Macron is defending a "failing, crumbling" European Union.

"I do think Marine Le Pen will become the French president. It just may be in 2022 and not today," he said.

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