ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber said that President Trump is partially to blame for the collapse of the health care law, debating the issue with Karl Rove on "Fox News Sunday."

Gruber, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said Trump did not honor the law's "commitment to insurers."

He said Trump's election created "massive uncertainty" for the future of the Affordable Care Act, which created instability in the health care system.

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"Wait, you're going to blame the problems of ObamaCare on President Trump?" Chris Wallace asked.

Gruber said that prior to the election, insurance companies' profits were rising and the firms were happy with the state of the system.

Rove pointed to his signature white board, which listed several of Gruber's claims about what has negatively affected the law.

Rove said Gruber criticized Trump for cutting short the advertising window for the 2017 open enrollment period by four days.

Watch the full debate above.

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