Rachel Campos-Duffy said that the Democratic Party would be making a mistake if they allowed Hillary Clinton to be an integral part of their resistance and resurgence movement.

"She is trying to get a third shot at the presidency and it's not going to work," Campos-Duffy said on "America's News HQ."

Campos-Duffy said that there are many people in the upper Midwest, where she lives, who do not like Clinton's adherence to identity politics.

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She said Democrats' claims that Republicans "hate" women and do not fight for women's rights ring hollow in that important political region.

She said that by allowing Clinton to be the face of their movement, the Democrats would be continuing that message, rather than trying to reconnect with working-class voters who flipped sides and voted for President Trump.

"This is a huge mistake for the Democratic Party if they allow her to co-opt a resistance movement," she said, adding that it would prove the party "learned nothing" in 2016.

Campos-Duffy also called Clinton the "poster child" for the 'white privilege' that Democrats like to criticize.

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