Deputy assistant to the president Dr. Sebastian Gorka said that America under President Trump has "real red lines now."

Gorka said the fact Trump had no issue responding to a chemical attack on Syrian civilians with a strong show of American military force shows "America has real red lines now."

Previously, President Obama told Syrian President Bashar al-Assad not to cross such "red lines," but failed to act when Assad and others took extreme actions.

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He said the Syrian incident is the latest example of Trump showing world leaders he is not afraid to take decisive action, as North Korea continues to sabre-rattle.

"Classically, North Korea has always acted as a buffer state for China. China looks at this as some kind of insulation against something happening against [them]," he said.

Gorka said North Korea should get the message that Trump is serious when he expresses concern over repeated missile tests by Pyongyang.

"We've inherited a world on fire," Gorka said. "We had eight years of so-called 'leading from behind'."

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