The University of California-Santa Cruz caved to the demands of liberal student protesters who staged a sit-in at the administration building, Abby Huntsman reported.

Huntsman called it another example of educators accommodating "snowflakes on campus."

The school's African-Black Student Alliance occupied the building for three days, demanding four specific concessions from the administration.

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According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the four demands were four years of student housing for "all students from underrepresented communities" who applied to live in the Rosa Parks House, creating a lounge space in the Parks House, painting the Parks House the colors of Pan-African liberation and teaching a "mandatory educational diversity orientation" to freshmen students.

WATCH: One of the sit-in demonstrators appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" earlier this week:

The university's media relations director, Scott Hernandez-Jason, later announced the school would meet the students' demands. 

Though the protesters spoke with Tucker Carlson last week, the paper reported they were not as receptive to local media outlets.

Those involved in the sit-in also said it should be classified as a "reclamation" and not an "occupation," KSBW reported.

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