Actor and game show host Chuck Woolery said the Senate should include "Trump Derangement Syndrome" coverage in its revision of the health care bill passed by the House.

Before the bill reaches President Trump's desk, the Senate will make changes and send it back to the House.

Woolery showed the "Fox & Friends Weekend" hosts a "Trump Derangement Syndrome" heat map of the United States.

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He pointed to concentrations of the "virus" on the west coast, Chicago area and northeast.

"It's spreading everywhere. It's a virus," he said, advising those afflicted with it to "go to their nearest insane asylum."

Woolery said the virus is identifiable when "all reality escapes you."

He said the left is acting out as a result of fear and hatred of Trump as well as apprehension of other people speaking their minds.

Woolery added that, as a right-leaning celebrity, he would be "running a BINGO game at a Moose lodge in El Segundo [Calif.]" if he had said about President Obama what Stephen Colbert said about Trump.

"They have no conscience so they have no regrets," he said of late-night comics.

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