A recent FBI study showed that one-sided media reporting and social media posts about officer-involved shooting incidents lead to further episodes of violence against police.

"This is real," former secret service agent Dan Bongino said. "The Ferguson effect is very real."

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The study said that in the aftermath of many officer-involved shootings, the suspect involved was found to have been subjected to reports of police misconduct by the press and on social media.

Bongino, a former Maryland congressional candidate, said he speaks with police officers regularly and they tell him they have become apprehensive because of the ongoing media narrative.

He said they are now less likely to intervene in situations unless they are expressly called by their dispatcher to do so, in case they should risk a "YouTube moment."

"If they're not called out on a radio run, they won't stop for a discretionary police action because they could end up on YouTube," he said.

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